Covered is the new Couture

Muslim Influence to High Fashion

New York City as one of the world's hubs of high fashion, now far more embracing the Muslim Fashion to their industry.

A startup event, held by RARE by F.S. Charlie teaming up with a Muslim female, New York-based fashion designer, Nailah Lymus, will make history by launching UNDERWRAPS, the first global agency representing Muslim female fashion models, during this year New York Fashion Week.

It is also a proof that Muslim fashion is making its way into the international world of fashion.

Underwraps's roster will debut in a fashion showcase presented by Amirah Creations on February 11th, 2012.

Known for breaking barriers as a Muslim female fashion designer behind Amirah Creations, Nailah Lymus said:
"As a Muslim woman who has also worked in the fashion industry, I observe a heavy Muslim influence in all areas of fashion. Designers, photography, editorials all displaying inspirations from Muslim fashion.

I feel there is a need to shine the light on Muslim women who have been some of the originators of trend setting modest fashion for years. I'm bringing Muslims to mainstream-- covered is the new couture.

Muslim Fashion has had a strong influence in the fashion industry for years - with stylings gracing such coveted magazine covers as Vogue as well as providing inspiration for noteworthy collections including Victoria Beckham's Fall/Winter 2011 line. Islamic models have also brought diversity to the catwalk including the recent model stars Hanaa Ben Abdesslem (Tunisian) and Hindi Sahlial (Moroccan).

UNDERWRAPS is creating a fusion of inclusion - marrying the best of both the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds."

VOGUE's covers showcasing covered styles:

Not only Victoria Beckham's Fall line got inspired by Muslim fashion, some high fashion's designs, such as my favorite Chanel Pre Fall, from 2009 collection to 2012 collection, have been showing interests in covered-style fashion..

Victoria Beckham's Fall 2011
Chanel Pre-Fall 2009Chanel Pre-Fall 2009Chanel Pre-Fall 2009Chanel Pre-Fall 2009
Chanel Pre Fall 2009
Chanel Pre-Fall 2012Chanel Pre-Fall 2012
Chanel Pre Fall 2012

Back to the RARE's event, if you interested to "eye-wit" this event, come to RARE by F.S. Charlie, 317 Church Street in Tribeca, New York city, on February 11th beginning at 6:30 pm. The Amirah Creations fashion show will be featuring the models from Underwraps.

To view the official invite, visit:

Below are some pictures via Underwraps by Nailah Lymus:

(Images: RARE press release, Underwraps' site, and

Here is the official press release from RARE NYC:

Nailah Lymus, a clothing and accessory designer since 2004 has nourished
her deep hunger for all things fashion at the youthful age of seven using
her God given talent to accentuate the natural allure of the woman. Being
a self taught designer equipped Ms. Lymus with all of the poise needed to
showcase her gift amongst more seasoned designers. Recently showing at NYC
Fashion Week 2011 and featured in Couture Fashion Week 2011 Lymus has
established her name in the Fashion industry. Now combining both of her
passions (modesty and fashion) Lymus is launching the FIRST Muslim Female
Model Agency merging the best of both worlds.

UNDERWRAPS is the FIRST global agency representing the Muslim Female
Fashion Model. A seasoned roster, each model brings a modest, genuine,
smart, savvy, professional attitude, combined with an ethical sensibility
that makes "it work". Influencing the fashion industry for years, Muslim
fashion has graced the covers of coveted magazines such as Vogue and has
been providing inspiration for noteworthy designers from early on.
UNDERWRAPS is creating a fusion of Inclusion—creating the best of both
worlds. For more information, visit

Originally founded in 2003 by celebrity stylist Ruth Roche, RARE is one of
New York City’s premiere salons, catering to clients who dare to be bold.
Today, the torch has been passed on to principal stylist, make-up artist
and new owner Fatima Sheikh, who recently merged her FS Charlie brand
with RARE. Located in the heart of Tribeca, RARE offers and extensive menu
of hair and beauty services. In addition to their array of services, RARE
works closely with the city’s creative community to produce distinct
projects with fashion, music and lifestyle driven brands. For more
information about RARE, visit You can follow Rare
via Twitter: @RareNYC and Facebook at: /RareSalonNYC as well.

My hope is that they will be showcasing modest, covered-style high fashion at that upcoming event, not just Muslim females as models.

So, if you live in New York city, are you interested to come?

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