Fashion Newsflash and Hijab Tutorial

I have been so busy lately and have no time to write... As a mom of two boys and a wife, and working on a bit of small entrepreneurial things I'm trying to work out.. are already consuming almost all of my time! I only had a very little time for my "me time".

During this "little me time", I usually fill it out with blogging and reading. I love reading since I was a kid. And blogging.. I love it since I knew it several years ago.. :) These activities make me feel fun and fresh with new knowledge, info, inspirations, entertainment, and sometimes humor I got from them.

But, when it comes to blogging, I got distracted easily.. you know, with so many news and exciting info, I can help it but read them all one by one, and.. when I realized, ohh, my "me time" has run out and I haven't share a thing yet with you guys! :p

(Update: I read in one book that there's a site named that is useful to save and make a list of what we want to read later. I surely need to check this out.).

Or, I have been too tired to blog after I finished up my "duty" as a mother and a homemaker :)

Sounds cliche? But I definitely sure that many of you, especially Mothers, feel this way.

Many self-development books also have taught us how to be an effective person, how to manage your time effectively, how to be a very good multitasker, how to not get distracted easily when you are working (in my case, blogging) and so on. But still I feel that I am not as effective as I want to be.

So, I have to mind myself to keep learning on this my best.

Okay then, here is today's newsflash for you:

Today, the countdown begins for the launch of new Karl Lagerfeld collection:

KARL COLLECTION RELEASED TOMORROW – The countdown to launch begins! With less than 24 hours until the release date of Karl Lagerfeld's latest collection, Karl's Kult members are taking to the streets of Paris. Excited fans have 
been congregating around a mysterious cube in Place Saint-Germain des Prés, eager to catch a glimpse of the new line as unnamed sources claim that King Karl himself will make an appearance. Tune in to NEWFLASH for the latest news and views from fashion's front line. WATCH FULL REPORT NOW
Click the picture to read more about it.

New modest fashion lines come from:

Saby H, a New York based designer coined the word Shehjaab for their fabulous scarves. It is a blend of two words, Shehzaadi, which means princess in Urdu and the word Hijab. Here are some of their scarves I love:

New Style on Muslim Fashion:

Amirah Fashion 2012 collection:

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Layla teal jersey style jilbab

SHUKR Spring Collection also just arrived:

New Arrivals! Spring 2012

House of Sakti - Handcrafted Jewelries with healing-quality gemstones, has just launched their new elements collection. For that, they would like to kick off a Giveaway Contest. They will be giving away one of these necklaces:
The Fire element corresponds with the spiritual aspects of life and symbolizes transformation. It is said to pass through the fire is symbolic of transcending the human condition. Fire inspires creativity, spontaneity, and courage.
The Water element corresponds to the emotional side of our natures and symbolizes the infinite realm of possibilities. Water is passive, receptive, and patient.
Click here to read the contest details.

A new inspiring website for women has just launched:
Founded by Amanda Millay-Lanier, The New Noble Women can be your source to find artsy things, style, inspiration, and the noble values behind the things we experience in life.

They also are giving away a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip for their first 500 subscribers. Check the site to know more about it.

At last, my latest favorite hijab wrap:
This past week, I have been admiring this style. Created by Siti Juwariyah of Saturday, an Indonesian blogger and one of Hijabers Community committee, the hijab style looks beautiful and girly with its flowy look.

Watch her tutorials below:

And, in this tutorial, she collaborated with her two style-blogger friends, Restu and Puput, for another fabulous looks:
(Videos: Courtesy of Siti Juwariyah, via her youtube channel)

Okay, Lovelies. Hope you get inspired and live a fabulous day today! :)

See you on the next blog post.

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