Indonesia, Colouring the Muslim Fashion World

News from The International Fair of The Moslem World, December 14th-19th, 2011, in Paris, France.

Dian Pelangi with her collection. In Paris, Dian showcased 10 set of her collection in the fashion show as the opening show, inspired by the Russian style for Winter fashion.

As a continuation from my previous post: End of Year 2011's Style and Fashion News, about Indonesian Muslim Fashion that was acknowledged as the best and the most favorite design in the International Fair of The Moslem World 2011 in Le Bourget, Paris, France, an interesting news also came from Kompas Female newsletter.

It is written that not only Muslimah Fashion's designs from Indonesian designers have "a big applause" at The International Fair in Paris, but also the way Indonesian Muslim women wrap their headscarf attracted a big attention of people in Paris, France.

Read the full story in Bahasa Indonesia here:

And below is the picture of Dian Pelangi in Indonesian booth at the event, giving a tutorial on how she wrap her headscarf in turban style:
Dian pelangi gave a private tutorial to the booth's visitors who were interested in how she wrap her headscarf.
(Photos: Courtesy of Dian Pelangi, via Kompas Female)

According to Dian's prediction, as she said to Kompas Female newsletter here, after the 'drape-y look' hijab wrapping, which is so 'in trend' amongst urban young Muslimah in Indonesia last year, the 'turban style' hijab wrapping would be a trend in 2012.

One thing from the news that also grab my attention is about Dian Pelangi's Coat.

It is the almost "sold out" piece from Dian Pelangi Collection in that event. It showed that many people in Paris love Dian's coat design, especially perhaps because they were in Winter during that event and they love colorful outfits, so the stylish, shocking-color, ethnic coat would be an attraction for them.

I'm so in love with the coat, too.. :)

Here is one sample of Dian Pelangi's cropped coat design:
Taken from her style blog, The Merchant Daughter.


The coat was made from modified Palembang woven materials which made in Indonesia.
I love the coat's well-tailored cut, motif and color.

So, what's your opinion on this news?

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  1. EDB Scarves & DesignsJanuary 7, 2012 at 4:07 PM

    I love Dian, her style, designs... everything! I read/watch anything to do with her. I also love that jacket and would definitely buy it if I were able to.. 

  2. Hi, Edibe!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment.. I know your blog too, 'Hijabi and the City', and I also enjoy reading it! :)

    Editor, FashioningFaith Blog : Hijab. Style. Fashion. Inspiration.

  3. I really like Dian style, her looks, how she wears her scrafs, all, :)


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