Latest Design on Scarves: Scarf-Necklaces

Scarf-Necklaces by House of Sakti

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A new, unique, scarf-necklaces from House of Sakti is a scarf united with handcrafted healing jewelry (a necklace composed of healing-quality gemstones).

This fabulous long scarf, along with the necklaces, has a circular/infinitive shape. Here, in my city, we used to call this kind of scarf: a tubular scarf.

The scarf is made of 100% cotton.. the fabric is so lightweight, thin, and available in 10 colors.

Purity Of Purpose Scarf Necklace
With their unique, infinitive circular-shape with a necklace, these scarves can be worn in many possible ways. You can wrap it, twist it, just keep playing around with it until you find the style you love.

You can place the necklaces on the front, at the back, or style it up as a headband; Or, wrap the scarf as a bolero.. It is up to you to get creative and be inspired.

head scarfshawl
to the backnecklace style

Mariam Sobh of HijabTrendz has made a tutorial on how she wrapped her scarf-necklaces. And, she really love to share this tutorial with you all..

So.. Enjoy! :)

You can buy this scarf on House of Sakti's website: here.

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