Fashion Newsflash: Global Muslim model agency opens in New York and Issa collection at London Fashion Week 2012

Some news I picked from the fashion world in the past week are filled with a "touch" of Muslim fashion. From the world's hub of high fashion, New York, to the running Fashion Week in London, and Indonesia (the next fashion hub... *I hope.. ^_^* especially for Muslim fashion).

From New York, The National and The Guardian reported that the world's first Muslim model agency has been opened in New York city on February 11th, 2012. Although, as long as I know, this is not the first.. Indonesia already had this kind of agency that represents Muslim women with hijab only as models. Hmm... but I forgot the agency's name ;)

Live report from London Fashion Week also showed some covered styles that were running down the runway. On day 2, Issa London with her 'full prints' Autumn/Winter 2012 collection showcased beautiful prints on some model's outfits and headscarves.

And from Indonesia I heard the news that there will be an event on September called "World Muslimah Beauty 2012" competition. I do not know is this some kind of "hijabified" Miss Universe or is it different.. Let me find out more about this :)

As for the first news, do you remember my previous post, Covered is the new couture, about the upcoming launch of Underwraps, the first Muslim model agency in New York? Now, it has been opened.

Here are the interesting news written by The National and The Guardian-UK:

World's first Muslim model agency opens in New York.

Nailah Lymus (centre) with two models at the launch of Underwraps in New York. Stephen Lock for The National
Nailah Lymus (center) with two models at the launch of Underwraps in New York. (Photo: Stephen Lock for The National)
The launch of the world's first Muslim model agency, in New York's fashionable Tribeca district, offered an interesting alternative to the options presented at New York Fashion Week a few blocks uptown. A coming-together of a particularly stylish segment of the Islamic community in this cosmopolitan city, the event on Saturday night played host to everyone from a fully veiled woman in black abaya to dramatically coiffed fashionistas (and fashionistos) curious about a groundbreaking project.

The founder of the Underwraps agency, Nailah Lymus, is a born-and-bred New York Muslim with a love of fashion and a mission to prove Islam's worth and tolerance to a city whose inhabitants remain, in many cases, emotionally fragile and somewhat suspicious of Islam more than a decade after the tragic September 11 terrorist attacks.

Read the full article here.

And The Guardian wrote:

Muslim model agency supports modesty on the catwalks.
If the guests atttending the Stella McCartney party are anything to go by, then flesh will feature prominently in London fashion week. If so it will be a far cry from one fashion show in New York last week, which coincided with the launch of a new agency for Muslim models. Could the trend for modest couture catch on here?

The Underwraps agency's founder, New York fashion designer Nailah Lymus, says 'being modest isn't just a Muslim concept'; it crosses many religions and cultures.
Read the rest of the article here.

Issa London's full prints collection for Autumn/Winter 2012-2013:

Issa London, in her show in London Fashion Week's day 2 (February 18th, 2012), wrapped some of her models with modest outfits.

I love the outfit combined with a big flower-printed headscarf worn by one of the models. Unfortunately the outfit, particularly the bottom part of the outfit, was not really modest (from Islamic rules' point of view).. It should have been a modest outfit if only the model didn't wear a pair of tight pants but instead a maxi skirt or wide pants in the same prints.

However, love the way this outfit was mixed-and-matched..

For hijabi, of course it's better to change the tight pants with a pair of wide pants or maxi skirt.. :)

Another stunning prints at Issa London, Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, London Fashion Week:

Some modest outfits from Issa London's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection:
(Images credit: wgsn's live report from London Fashion Week and via

What do you think of these? Are these a good opportunity to raise an awareness on covered style; Or, do you have another opinions?

In regard to Muslim model agency, it's recommended that starts from Muslim fashion designers who are willing to hire models from these Muslim model agencies, and also the models, who must always improving their skills on fashion modelling.

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