Handbags Store (part 2): Lunar

Do you remember my previous post about the handbags stores I visited with my aunties? Yes, we were visiting some great handbags stores and fell in love with some of their products :)

After DOWA, the next handbags store we visited is LUNAR.

Lunar is a great handbags store, too. It sells high quality handbags with unique designs and the handcrafted ones.

There were handbags made from "pandanus", "rotans", and some plants' fibers. Also there were painted-handbags with paintings on them.. All handbags come with impressive color blocking. The paintings left when I went there are cute fishes and sandals.

Not only that, they also have beautiful batik-ed handbags and clutches using the earth-tone hues as the colors.

What I like also is that they accept designs from us to be made as a handbag as we want it to be. Some countries abroad have ever ordered a mass quantity of handbags from this store with designs provided by them.

If you drop by at this store, you can watch the production of the handbags in their workshop which placed right behind the store.

Here are what being captured by my camera:

Handbags and purses with paintings on.
Batik-ed clutches
(Photos: Courtesy of Rania, FashioningFaith Blog)

So Lovelies, we have one more store to go! Until next post! ;)

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