Handbags Store (Part 3 - the end): Lawe

Continuing to my previous post, after visited DOWA and LUNAR, the last handbags store we visited was LAWE.

This store is specialized on producing lurik-ed handbags, shoes, shirts, and accessories.

If you do not know yet what lurik is, Lurik is a Javanese (particularly Yogyakarta and its surroundings) traditional handcrafted cloth, a striped woven material made by hand-weaving. Some named it as "a Stripes of Java in blissful colours".

Lurik from House of LaweThese are some of the sample of Lurik fabrics, produced by our grantees House of Lawe, Yogyakarta.(Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) Indonesia family)
(Image: houseoflawe.com)
Quoting Nian S. Djoemena from her book, as the only available reference, Lurik is derived from classical Javanese word lorek, meaning stripes, or pattern. Although the weaving of Lurik is technically very simple, the colour combinations and the carefully arrangement of the stripes and square in a harmonious and balanced way, produces enchanting motifs.

Sea of creativity rest in the mind of every people, and Lurik serves countless idea even to modify the growing awareness to preserve the environment and heritage into room of women empowerment. On the other hand, touch of creativity brings closer Lurik into everyday needs of anything functional, relevant and redecorating.

Lurik needs more innovative people to develop new trends and styles. Through this tireless effort of innovation and creativity we hope to make younger generations truly enjoy the tradition of Lurik.
(source: the DaughterofKlaten.com)

This store also has a vision to preserve the hand-weaving tradition in Indonesia and simultaneously empower women, encourage women to contribute in improving their livelihood and take part in bringing prosperity to Indonesian people.

By far, Lurik usually sold as sheet of cloth or as Javanese shirt called Surjan. Young generations used to think that Lurik is "old fashioned" and worn only by older people or worn only in traditional occasions. With the vision above in minds, Lawe has been trying to make innovation on Lurik by making modern Lurik, an attractive and colorful products with a wide variety in designs, such as handbags, purses, shoes, book covers, accessories, and other functional products.

My aunties enjoyed their visit in this store. They were admiring the quality and designs of the products. Here are some photos of Lawe's products I took in the store:

(Photos: Courtesy of Rania, FashioningFaith Blog)

Could you tell me what did you think about Lurik handbags?

Do you like those colorful stripes pattern on handbags and shoes?

Okay then... This is the end of my sequel posts. Hope you enjoy following my "trips" to some enchanting handbags stores in my city.. ;)

Have a good weekend, Lovelies. Until next post!

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