Phillip's Gallery.. Kasongan, Yogyakarta

I found these "old" photos somewhere in my files. I remember that these are photos I took last year during my visit to Phillip's Gallery. I also took a picture of myself there showcasing a "rules-breaking fashion" for Hijabi Fashion Week Nov 2011.

This gallery highlights the traditional fabrics and crafts, such as batik (there's also embossed batik: produced on cotton fabric with a unique technique, which motifs were embossed and matched with the fabric's color), lurik, sarongs, silver jewelries, handbags, and so forth.

Embossed batik (left); Hand-drawn batik (right)
Unfortunately I didn't take a closer look of those embossed batiks to show you more details about them.

So here are some closer looks, giving more detail's at these embossed batiks, from Phillip's site and Nilanda's blog:

Embossed batiks

My mom, who came along with me to the gallery, loved these embossed batiks, so she bought one in colour soft fuchsia.. beautiful!

We spent some times at this gallery, took a look around while also enjoying the scenery of "sawah" (rice fields) and hills at the background, which surrounds the gallery.

Here are some pictures I took myself on things in the gallery:

Dress made from the embossed-batik fabrics (left)

Okay then.. Enjoy your weekend and see you on the next post! :)

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