Runway Inspiration by Up2Date and Indonesia Fashion Week 2012

Feauturustic 2012 by Up2Date

One of Indonesia's well-known clothing lines in Muslim Fashion, Up2Date, on December 15th, 2011, showcased their feauturustic collection in regard to Jakarta Fashion Week.

According to Nita Damayanti, the chief director of Trimoda UptoDate, the word "featurustic" was a synergism of words: feauture, future, and rustic. So it can be defined as the upcoming looks with a touch of rustic/country style.

I love the "casual-ness", "comfort-ness" and "new-ness" that shone through the collection.

Here are the 15 looks from the show's runway:

(Photography by Arselan Ganin)

And from the recent premiere Indonesia Fashion Week event - Day 2 (held on February 24th, 2012, in Jakarta), here are some features of Islamicwear highlighted by Aquila Magazine:

The trend of year 2012 on Muslim Fashion showed by the video clip is all about multicultural looks, and that Muslim fashion can be fun and playful.

You can do it yourself by mixing-and-matching two or more cultural touch (selected from a great variety of world's cultures and traditions) into one outfit. Or, creating a kind of urban/contemporary look with a touch of local culture.

Happy mixing! :)

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