What's being popular here: Jilbab Sosor and Jilbab Rajut Dian Pelangi

It might be not a quite new design, as 'jilbab sosor' has been popular amongst the urban Muslimahs in Indonesia about a few months ago.

Jilbab Sosor Dian Pelangi

The design firstly introduced by a well-known Muslimah fashion designer, Dian Pelangi.

It's an instant or slip-on hijab, so you just have to slip on the hijab directly to your head, then wrap or twist the excessive flowing part of it in so many ways. No pins needed. Perhaps a beautiful brooch or some velvet pins can be added, if you want to spice it up.. :)

This "jilbab" comes in so many various colours in Dian's signature design, tie-dye motifs.

The best part is you don't have to wear a ninja headdress to get many looks of hjab style. Here are some appearances of 'jilbab sosor':

The plain part acts as the inner while the "colourful" part can be wrapped up according to your desire.

You can see how Dian Pelangi styled up the 'jilbab sosor' in her site, here, here, and here.

Another new collection of hijabs by Dian Pelangi that I noticed quite popular too is 'jilbab rajut' (= knitted shawl) that made in colour gradations.

Below is my favorite colour gradation of Dian Pelangi's knitted headscarf/shawl, grades from navy blue to yellow-ish green:

 Check out one look on how Dian Pelangi wear this kind of headscarf here.

(Photos credit: Oy Butik and Mazaya)

Do you own Dian Pelangi's 'jilbab sosor' or 'jilbab rajut'? What is your thought about these kind of headscarves?

Do share a link / links in the comment's section below if you know any tutorials of the possibilities on how we can style up these scarves.. :)

Stay fabulous!

(Editor's note: Indonesian people usually call hijab/headscarf/tudung/kerudung as 'jilbab')

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  1. It's pretty creative. I really find it hard to come up with this kind of designs. But, I really like your designs here. Thanks for sharing! You just give me an idea on my next project.


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