A Glance from Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2012

Creativity and Diversity in Muslim Fashion.

At Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival recently (May 23, 2012, in Hotel Harris, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta), four well-known Islamic fashion designers from Indonesia showing off their latest collections in a fashion show as part of the Festival's series. With the show's title "Into The Future", these four designers came up with their own uniqueness in concept and design.

Jeny Tjahyawati came up with her "water inspired" designs dominated by aquatic colour-palette, from blue to aqua green and its gradation. Tuty Adib came with her shiny "cosmic nuance" collection in "atmospheric lights colour-palette such as dark brown and purple, mixed with green, yellow and orange. Dian Pelangi with her signature "youngsters style" collection in tie dye motifs and soft/pastel colours; and, Nuniek Mawardi with her colourful "minimalism-futuristik" designs.

Here are a little peep from the show:

Jeny Tjahjawati's Aquaristic

Tuty Adib's Venus in Love

Dian Pelangi's Plastic Doll

Nuniek Mawardi's Life in Technicolor
 (Photos: Dok.JFFF 2012 via Kompas Female)

Interesting right? As we know, there are lots of creativities that can be poured into "covered style" fashion... and then they create diversity in Muslimah Fashion.

So, we look forward for more creativities in Muslim Fashion :)
Within Islam's mandate for modesty, the styles are endless...

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