Latest Designs of Ninja Underscarves

During its first days' launching, the ninja headdress, or so called: inner ninja, usually came with a velcro-strap, buttons, string tiebacks, or elastic rubber-crepe at the back functioned as the closing and for tightening up the neck area.

Even though this inner was a great innovation in Muslimah fashion (allowing you to be more creative with your headscarf-wrapping), the "old shape" seems to be not having a perfect coverage as it still has an opened part right at the upper of your back.
Backview of inner ninja
So, when you wear a low neckline top and do a hijab styling that doesn't have much coverage at the back (such as a turban or braid-like headscarf wrapping), your upper back's skin will peek out and the back-look is not neat to be seen.. I've seen this happened to some Muslimahs, and unfortunately mostly they do not realize on this un-neat look.

I've ever said to my Muslim friend that we need a better design of inner ninja.. one thing that crossed my mind at that time was to do an over-lap closing at the back of inner ninja.

So, I'm very happy that finally someone/ones think about it, too, and make a better design of inner ninja. Recently I found and photographed these new designs of inner ninja at a local store here in my town, and I also found them online...

Here are the new designs of inner ninja with a perfect coverage at the back..

1.) With a zip at the back.

2.) Shaped into a cropped tee.

The second design reminds me to the ResportOn sport hijab. As for the first design, it also can be found online at

Not only, they came up with a new closing at the back, these "new generation" of inner ninjas also came with many variation in looks... Some of them are:

'Wrap band snood' look (from Nengnong):

Crossed look with lace (from Rizky Shop):

Side-forehead pleated inner ninja (or, some people call it: slash hair inner):

Turban look (from Rayhana Kerudung), and accessorized with jewel (from GrosirJilbabMurah and NadiraHouse).

So, what do you think of these inner ninjas? Which one is your favorite?

I personally would prefer the one with a zip at the back with a slash hair look... How about you?

Hijab styling tips (do-it-yourself):

You can make your own instant 'slash hair look' inner/headscarf from your usual inner/headscarf. Simply make small pleats from its cloth (on your preferred side of your forehead), then keep the pleats by tugging in a brooch;

Or, sew the pleats you make.. and then, on the top of the pleats, you can sew any accessories you want whether it's a bow, a crochet flower, or buttons, etc., or just keep it plain without accessories.

Have fun trying!



  1. Great article, like always! I am very much impresses with your work..


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