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Graduate Fashion Week Gold Award winner Chloe Jones from Bath Spa University
Womenswear designer Chloe Jones, a student from Bath Spa University (one of UK's top fashion universities), showcasing her collection, entitled Our father who art in heaven, at the Graduate Fashion Week, UK, and scooped the Graduate Fashion Week Gold Award yesterday.

What attracted my attention is the style of her collection.. it is full covered (even though some of the designs are still not modest from Islamic perspective for its sheer-ness).

Are they inspired by Muslim women's wear?; Or, the opposite, this collection can be a style inspiration for Muslim women.
It is a mix of ethereal printed full-length skirts with slouchy hooded tops, inspired by gothic architecture and stained glass windows. The range was a combination of sportwear with couture detailing for a very modern feel. 
In shades of grey and a Wing print, volumous silk dress fall to the floor beneath organza hoodies and marl jerseys which are heavily adorned with metallic embroidery and embellishment.
(Arts Thread)

Here are some from the collection's photoshoot:

and the illustration:

The ornate wintery leaf embellishment on shoulders and hems:
(Photo credit: Arts Thread - Chloe Jones)

So.. what do you think? :)

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  1. I think this is lovely. I like the use of color and the hoods.

  2. I like the sweatshirts a lot... I'd like to see some of those available :) (especially the longer ones)


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