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One of my blog's readers asked me "What colors match the black-and-white stripes?"

For me, this versatile print just seem to go with, well, pretty much everything.. any colors or prints, and adds a fun graphic element to any outfit.

The black-and-white striped garment could be called a new "plain look", just like when we wear an outfit with one solid color such as: black, white, grey/charcoal, camel, khaki, and any other plain natural colors.

So, basically we simply can put on any colors or almost any prints as a splash of color to the black-and-white striped garment, whether the styling will make a chic matching outfit, or instead, create a stylish miss-matching outfit.. :)

The colors/prints addition could be in a form of a scarf, a jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring, brooch, etc), shoes we wear, or a bag.

One thing you must note is the thickness/width of those stripes. The thinner the stripes, the more "plain" it would look. Big stripes are bold, differ with the pinstripes that look more "plain" and less contrast.

Here are some examples of the styling:

Some of the examples are from Abaya Addict, an American abayas online shop based in Dubai. They have a great range of beautiful abayas, many black-and-white striped pieces, especially in their Summer 2012 collection, completed with how they style up those stripes..

The most common match for the black-and-white stripes is red:

The stripes also match perfectly with black, white, or dark grey -- for sure:
(Photo: AbayaAddict)

Another fabulous match is matching the stripes with a colour yellow-mustard or patchwork prints (like I wrote in my previous post):

 Or, with floral prints as seen in 10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012 collection:
(Photo: Style.com)
 Or, with the cobalt blue:
(Photo: AbayaAddict)
Or, with the fresh leaf colour-y green:

My favorite would be the fresh green.. :)

And those stripes also will look super cool if matched with a black leather jacket, or with a lavender handbag, blue pair of jeans, or with a brown booties.

For a nautical look, adds the colour navy blue and red onto the black-and-white striped outfit.

So.. black-and-white stripes with a splash of color? It's a definitely yes!

Do you love to wear black-and-white stripes? Do you like them big and bold, or thin with less contrast-y look? Show us in the comments your favourite colors/prints to go along with those stripes.




I appreciate and love reading each one of your comments.. also feel free to e-mail me!

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