Black, navy blue, deep brown, or charcoal.. to make a contrast pop!

Ways to use rich, dark colours.

Karlie Kloss in tartan for U.S. Vogue
I'm the one that prefer navy blue or dark grey/charcoal as the basic hue, rather than black, to highlight bright colors and bring out the outfit's best details.

The navy blue or charcoal grey looks more elegant than black.. since black looks "too dark". Especially in my country's sunny, shiny tropical climate, wearing black seems "not suit to the environment" because of its "darkness" against the bright sunrays, and its nature to absorb the heat.. And, while bright colors paired with black, they will look too garish..

Black, also, is too "usual", not something "surprising" for an outfit.. so black is just not my pick.. ;) The navy blue or charcoal seems to be a better choice.

As for in my everyday life, in the day time, in this tropical country, when there are no special occasions or events, I usually go for white, grey, beige, pastel colors, blue jeans, for the basic hue; bright colors for the accessories; and I keep the black and dark leather brown for my shoes and handbag.. ;)
How about you, Lovelies?

Another fabulous dark color is deep brown/dark chocolate. Pair this color with pink for the classic color combination..
Victoria Beckham, sporting dark chocolate with gradation of pink.

or, with purple for more edgy look..
Dark chocolate sweater, light pink belt, purple tights.
Fashion tips:
  • If you pair more than two contrast colors for your outfit, keep the accessories, like shoes, necklace, or handbag, in other neutral/earth tone colours. This, will help to tone down the contrast look and erase 'the image of too matchy-matchy thing' off from the look.. And I'm not a fan of "rainbow" look either.. ;)
  • On the other hand, if you wear a solid one dark colour as your outfit, you can add a bold statement piece or details (like necklace or belt) to be highlighted. This, can add a polished feeling and character to your look.
Louis Vuitton bright bold necklaces and belts.

Here are some looks which sporting black, charcoal, and navy blue with other bright colors and bold details:

Meryl Streep in black and navy outfit with a bold gold necklace.
Kim of Kim's Closet wearing charcoal dress with chartreuse pashmina, a bold ring, and a neutral plaid handbag.
Navy blue with yellow mustard, creme polkadots details, and a neutral tone handbag.
Navy blue with some "bright" colors in stripes and a burgundy handbag, highlights the hand's accessories.
Navy blue with bright orange.

Regarding to the last pic above, wouldn't it be better if the shoes are brown leather booties/flats or nude platforms, instead of the orange ones so it won't look too match-y?
So, which dark colour is your favorite to make a contrast pop?

Stay with black? Pick the navy blue, charcoal, or the more warmth color, dark chocolate? Or, do you go for something new, unexpected, like dark green or burgundy? Or even go bold by pairing one bright color with white, or with another bright colour?

How do you style them up so it won't look too garish? Please share in the comment.. :)

Have a blessed Ramadhan, Lovelies!




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