Hijab Tutorial by HijUpCom - Style 12: Love it!

Hijab  Tutorial

This hijab style by HijUpCom would definitely be one of my favorites ;)

(credit: HijUpCom)

Note that you need a MAXI (in length and width) rectangle-shaped scarf to get this style..

When I tried this style, most of my scarves in my wardrobe have a less length compared to the scarf in this video, so I couldn't get exactly the same look with the style taught in this video. Then I simply twisted the style, or modify it a bit..

Hmm.. another reason to buy a new scarf? hehe ;)

The scarf's material in this video is cotton-rayon, but it doesn't close the opportunities to use other materials such as chiffon, cotton-paris, or linen.. I've tried (I have a chiffon scarf in maxi size), and it works really well.. As for materials like satin or silk, they are slippery.. I'm not sure they will work well if wrapped in this style.

So, have you tried this style? What do you think of it?

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