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Wedding Inspiration.

I am kind of busy nowadays. My sister is going to get married soon, and I've been so busy helping her preparing everything for the wedding..

Here are some photos I took while I was in search for bridemaids dresses that fit the wedding theme..

Take a break for a while with my kid during the busy day..
we enjoyed the delicious macaroni schotel, hot tea, and cold caramel chocolate :)

and here are some photos of covered wedding-dresses I love and gorgeous wedding-theme inspirations I discovered..

wedding inspiration board green weddings, inspiration boards ideas and trends
wedding inspirationboard orange and green, inspiration boards ideas and trends

I even made a pinterest board specialized for her wedding.. ;)

For now, I'm off to search for things we need for the wedding!
When the time comes, InshaAllah I will be sharing those beautiful moments with you.

Have a wonderful weekend, Lovelies.. :)

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