Indonesia's Muslimah Style Icon: Inneke Koesherawati, in her 'streetstyle' look

StreetStyle Hijab

Not so long ago, I went to a bookstore where I saw Dian Pelangi's very first fashion book: Hijab Street Style.

I knew about the launching of this book from the news of Sisterhood's event about six months ago in Jakarta. But I've never had a chance to take a look at the physical book.. until now.

I was curious about what's inside the book.. what kind of street styles are represented in this book. I took the book, which was put on a bookshelf, then I took long-minutes standing in front of the bookshelf, just to see and enjoy page-after-page.. With its "the sartorialist" style (less words, more images), this book is full of full-page, full-colored images of Muslimah streetstyles from various cities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Then.. close to the end of this book's pages, I saw two impressive looks that really caught my eyes.. Whose looks are they? I love them! Ohh.. those are looks of Inneke Koesherawati, a television star and a model; one of my favorite Muslimah style icons in Indonesia.. In this book, she was sporting my favorite "European style"! :)

 (Source: 'Hijab Street Style' Book by Dian Pelangi, photo taken by Rania of

The photos seem being taken in Paris, France, during Inneke and Dian's touring to Europe as a Brand Ambassador of Wardah Cosmetics.

I love Inneke's whole look in those photos, also every wardrobe-pieces showed up as a part of the looks.. the trench-coat, the boots, the bag, the sunglasses, how she wrapped her headscarf asymmetrically, and even a pop of inner-sleeves around her wrists.. ;)

Well, what do you think of Inneke's looks here?

Have you seen Dian Pelangi's Hijab Street Style book? Whose look do you adore so much as you might thought "it's sooo YOU" ?

Can't wait for the second 'INTERNATIONAL' edition of this book (as Dian plans to)! ;)


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