Look I love: The look from Indij

Hijab style

I found a brochure of Islamic clothing label... organized in my 'cupboard of things I want to keep'.

I can not recall from where or who I got this brochure, but one thing for sure why I keep this, it must be for a reason: that I loooove the look so much on a first sight! 

It's just soo stunning!!  

Hmm.. but one thing annoys me is the footwear.. I do not like this stunning outfit being paired with those kind of 'open-toes wedged-sandals' footwear. I prefer a pair of pumps for a more sleek and elegant look! 

Anyway, here's the look from Indij by Indira Putri that made me fall in love with.. :)

(Image: scanned by Rania, FashFaith.com)

Hehe.. the paper is a bit crinkle because of the un-neat storage.. ;)

According to the brochure, these outfit's pieces are available at www.hijup.com, or email for order at indiraputri9@yahoo.com

What do you think of this look?

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