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Susie Bubble in Fendi heels and a flowing white skirt. We love how the magazine looks like a super-cool clutch.
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After browsing on visual inspiration on Pinterest, my eyes spotted on an image of a white flowing skirt wore with a pair of black tights and fabulous Fendi heels. This stunning look reminded me of some cool fashion looks, and made me think why don't we pair tights with maxis (whether it's a long skirt, maxi dress, or abaya).

Is it an innovative idea to wear tights with maxis?

Not really.. In four-seasons countries, it's a common to wear tights with maxis in Winter as a way to beat the freezing climate. In the hijabers' world, it's also a common to wear tights with maxis for modesty reason.. but mostly the tights are in skin-tone colors or in black.

I love tights, eventhough I only have one pair.. in black. They are truly a basic staple we must have. I usually pair them with skirts or maxi dresses. But, I never really think of wearing candy coloured tights with maxis (skirts, dresses or abayas).

Until now.. in regards to pushing the edge, it's a fantastic idea to play with solid coloured (or striped, or printed, or glittery, etc.) tights, particularly with maxis.

I've never heard that people matched these two for truly a 'fashion forward look' reason, as long as I know.

I have seen so many people sporting tights (in magazines, TV, on the street, in formal working-environments, by fashion bloggers, etc.). They fashionably wore these solid coloured, striped, printed, glittery tights with minis; mini skirts, mini dress, knee-length or mid-calf skirts/dresses, or shorts.. but never with maxis (except for those reasons I wrote above, or any?).

Some general fashion blogs/sites even had wrote THIS as a fashion no-no because of "what's the point to wear tights under long pieces if the tights weren't showed up?".

Yeap, they are right!

But, what they've missed about is that sometimes it's still has a "disclosed-gap" between the bottom-edge of the long skirt/dress and the shoes.. That spot might becomes ours to play with by adding a pop of color on it.. A flash of color!

You could wear a monochrome sleek elegant maxi dress.. and then voila! At the bottom of your outfit, there's a flash of color pops up while you are moving (such as walking, stepping the stairs, or sitting..) Cool!

Below are some questions that might be pop up in your head:

Why tights, instead of socks?

Tights have wider coverage to cover your legs (and feet) while you are wearing skirt/maxi dress/abaya. By wearing tights, we will have more confidence thought that we are in a full-covered. No worries when the wind blows your skirt, or your skirt get hitched to something, or while you are riding a bicycle..

Why tights, instead of pants or skinny jeans?

Pants or skinny jeans under your skirt/maxi dress/abaya give a weird, un-neat, bulge-look to your appearance. And sometimes, while you are walking with the pants/jeans under your skirt, it even makes the skirt pulled up and ended up messy folded around your thighs, because of the "kinetic friction" of the two materials: the pants and the skirt (my own experience.. sounds familiar to you?)

Why tights, instead of leggings?

Leggings or jeggings (a term for jeans-leggings mix) do not cover up the back (top of) your feet, so they do not give a flash of color as we expect when we don this style!

Where could we get a variety of coloured tights?

At many online or highstreet fashion stores, of course.

But first site that crossed my mind when I think about tights is welovecolors.com since they have a wide range of variety and colour of tights, leggings, hosiery, and any kind of those things.

Also Amirah Fashions, as a well-known Islamic clothing, also has got this 'look-styling' lately by selling bright coloured tights for abaya wearers.. aaaand in a cheaper price!

Only £2.00 for a Pair of Quality 80 Denier Tights

As they said in the website, these candy coloured tights would be fantastic worn with a black abaya and a great pair of shiny black shoes. "We think it looks stylish and unique".

So next time, why don't you try styling up your candy coloured tights with a contrasting earth-toned maxi dress; or vice versa, a bright coloured maxi dress with contrasting natural-hued tights..

Have you done this before?

What do you think of it? Sounds fantastic.. or weird?

Olivia Palermo in black tights and printed maxi. [Photo: courtesy of OliviaPalermo.com]



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