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Victorian style boots (Image credit: Fluevog, via StyleBubble)

I love everything classic and timeless. Even though, on the other hand, I also love edgy, contemporary, urban chic stuffs. But timeless or vintage-inspired pieces always attract my interest.

My newly found obsession for things European classics, especially the dresses and the shoes, started when I was looking for a pair of perfect boots for me. Boots are not common to be worn in tropical countries like in here. So there are not many choices on boots or booties' design in the local stores. However since I love reading fashion sites and looking for boots online, I sometimes stumbled upon European classic-styled clothing or shoes.. that eventually made me fell in love with (perhaps I should make another post about the clothing.. ).

European classics shoes, in this context are shoes inspired by the Victorian style (in the era of Queen Victoria in England) and Marie Antoinette style (in the era of King Louise XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette in France), are renowned for their curved heels (some people said these kind of heels as 'kitten heels' or 'Edwardian style heels' or 'Louis heels').

European fashion in 1750-1775: Woman's yellow silk shoe to be worn with shoe buckle, c. 1760-65 (LACMA)
Vintage Victorian shoes (Credit: Etsy)

Besides the curved heels, each style has specific signature.. Regarding to wikipedia, Victorian / English style was defined by simple, practical, made of inexpensive durable fabrics, catering towards a leisurely outdoor lifestyle (the shoes were lace-up, buckled, or boots); while Marie Antoinette / French style was defined by elaborate court dress, colourful and rich in decoration, demonstrate their affinity for luxury in dress and lifestyle (as shown at their shoes' pretty frills and bows).

Both classic style have easily became my picks because they have all the characteristics I want to be on my dream shoes.. French style shoes are so pretty for a party. As for boots, mostly inspired by the Victorian style that more catering towards daily/work wears. My dream boots should have these 'Victorian-inspired chic' characteristics: ankle-high or just-below-ankle high, lace-up, made of genuine leather, not suede, well-crafted, pretty in shape, not bulgy, with medium curvy heels: not too high but also not flat.

        VINTAGE 1930s BLACK WINGTIP OXFORDS | Source: via FashFaith .com on Pinterest

Victorian style boots (Image credit: Etsy)

Style Bubble recently published some images of these pretty Marie Antoinette-styled shoes.

(Credit: Style Bubble)

Beautiful frill-edged, tassel-adorned, and ribbon bound shoes! I'm so in love with these Manolo Blahnik's 2006 pretty creations for Sofia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette -- I don't mind to wear them in this contemporer urban chic "modern era"..

Newly creations of this Victorian or Marie Antoinette style-inspired, that can be found in the shoe brands Fluevog, Rubelli-Santoni, and Miz Mooz, are very charming..

Fluevog's Daydream Spring booties in burnt orange
in burgundy
Rubelli-Santoni's collaboration for SS 2013 collection: Natasha lace-up satin shoes
Miz Mooz's Victorian-inspired chic boots with decorative ripples

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, in her outfit posts always wears adorable shoes that I'm really really coveting for. The shoes she worn look like they are in a high-quality materials and very well-crafted, mostly made from finished leather or suede, high heels, low heels, pretty flats, laced-up or buckled, with classic timeless designs: vintage, Oxford style or Victorian style shoes. In my opinion, every detail, every curve in the shoes she worn was all done to perfection..

Click here to see one of her shoes I'm coveting.

Mostly the shoes she worn or shoes I'm coveting are made from outside Indonesia (USA, Canada, or Europe) which usually the prices are way out of my budget (not to mention with the addition of shipping cost and import fee that made them more pricey). So I've been looking for "the shoes of my dream" locally.. Until one day, I read on Affi and Lita of Fashionese Daily's today's outfit post where Lita wore a fabulous black booties which she addressed as shoes from Shoeka Shoes..

I got curious about the shoes, then I just went directly to the linked site. As I browsed the site of Shoeka Shoes, I got hooked up on Danielle Heels. They have Victorian-inspired design, with low heels that slightly look like kitten heels, lace-up, and a nice natural brown leather colour. The most exciting are they made of genuine leather, and the price is relatively affordable, plus.. they are made in Malang, Indonesia, so I don't have to worry about the high shipping and import fee. When I got my hands on these shoes, I could see that they were well-handcrafted with high quality materials. The size is true, and they are comfortable to be worn.

I do not know about the quality of every shoes/designs from Shoeka Shoes collection other than a pair that I bought.. But definitely I would recommend this shoe brand, especially for those who live in Indonesia (in term of 'you don't have to pay for high shipping cost and import fee to get your hands on a pair of unique gorgeous shoes of your dream').. You also get a chance to support local products!

So here they are, become my picks of the moment..

2013-02-13 17.29.02 2013-02-13 17.35.04 my picks of the moment ;)

Another Victorian-inspired feet candy from Shoeka Shoes, Percy Limited. These shoes came in wedges.

Percy Limited

If you covet for more unique-elegant, wacky, glamour shoes, or even custom your own shoes, Kozzy Closet (also based in Malang, Indonesia) can be one store you can give a try.. but notice that some of their materials are faux leather.

What kind of shoes have you been coveting lately?

Happy shoes wearing, Lovelies!

(Disclosure: All expressions written here are my TRUE opinions. I do NOT get paid for anything I said or recommended or linked to in this post)




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