Pinjab, a Magnetic Hijab Pin: No more holes in your beautiful scarves

Latest Design in Hijab Accessories

At the end of year 2012, in October to be exact, Imaan and Beauty Hijab store, based in Germany, designed pinjabs, magnetic pins for hijab, and started sold them in their site.

Pinjabs are simply two magnets that one of which has a decorative side. Its decorative side looks pretty and stylish whether in vintage, flowery or elegant designs, such as the pretty daisy, rose, and the elegant rhinestones.

The incredible thing is these pinjabs won't be snagging and make a hole in your beloved hijabs, as the regular safety pins usually do. Especially if you have a baby or little kids you used to hold close to your body, you don't have to worry that your hijab pins will hurt her/him. Or, when the children play around you and accidentally pull off the edge of your hijab, the hijab's fabric around the pin, won't get ripped.

Watch this video, that gives a thorough explanation on how this pinjab works, from the owner of Imaan And Beauty Hijab store.. You can also watch the using of this pinjab on various hijab wrappings here.

The magnets are really strong, as shown in the video.. So, it looks pretty convincing that the pinjab won't easily pull apart and would keep our hijabs stay in place all day.

These useful magnetic pins can be used not only for your hijabs, scarves, shawls, but also could help button up your top, or to be used on anything you could imagine for them to work, like: for tie pin, paper pin, curtain pin, or even hold up your bread plastic package.. ;)

Even though perhaps for some of you these pinjabs could not replace the safety pins fully, they still be an amazing, helpful invention on hijab accessories.

Where to shop:

I would love to get my hands on these pinjabs and try them out.. but the shipping fee from Germany must be expensive. So, is there any hijab store here in Indonesia sell pinjabs? ;)

Well, what do you think of these pinjabs?

(Photos and video: courtesy of ImaanAndBeauty)


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  1. Nice that we have new competition. And even from people we know. We are on the market since 2008 with our online-shop

  2. Nice but not the first who had this idea. The first was another German online shop (in English as well) named who offer those pins since the beginning of 2008. You can get there magnetic hijab pins, scarf pins and magnetic brooches in many different designs. So look there:

  3. Thank you for your information..
    Could you tell us where in the UK we can buy these magnetic pins? One of my blog's readers ask me about this. Thank you in advance.

  4. Great Idea! You are surely saving the scarves from hole.
    Thank You.

  5. nice hijab style, for me, this one something new. your pal.jilbab gaby

  6. I am sorry for my late replay. You can buy our magnetic pins from our online shop. We deliver in all countries of the world. The postal charge for the UK starts at 3.45 EUR / 5.50 USD for about 1-3 pins. More are for 5.50 / 8.80 USD. This is not so much and fast enough. You can pay through bank transfer or Paypal.

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  8. You can also find great quality magnetic hijab pins in the U.S. from They have a great variety and great prices


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