What to Wear when Running Errands

Daily Outfit

What is your outfit's style when running errands: just pick up your kids at school, go to the grocery, other daily routines?

Is it a laid-back casual? Feminine? Or you keep put some efforts onto it to look unique? Bold? The utmost important is to make sure it looks decent on the street..

Do not know what to wear?

Here are some fashion tips from SliceofLemon.com's Dress Well series on what to wear when running errands:

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What do you think?

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You can also share your daily look's photo/url to your photo when you're running errands in the comment section below, or in Style Whimsical's other social media.. I would love to see what you wear..

Happy weekend, Lovelies!



  1. A top, jeans and stole are my go to comfort wear, along with flats!! An example of what I'd wear for errands is here: http://shocksandshoes.blogspot.in/2012/09/outfit-post-indian-fusion.html

  2. Love your outfit! Blue jeans and white top is something I would wear too when running errands.. And you made it stand out by adding colorful
    Indian accessories, statement bag, and gorge scarf.. You look so fresh!
    Thank you for sharing, BeingFab! :)


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