Wudhu Socks: Check. Wudhu Tights: in Search.

"For Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean" (Qur'an: Al Baqarah: 22)
"Cleanliness is Half of Faith" (Prophet Muhammad SAW)

Wudhu or the ritual ablution that Muslims perform before prayer (washing parts of the body using water) can often leave people feeling a little uneasy. There are a few steps involved, and the last one is the cleansing of the feet. This last one need us to take off our socks (if we wear socks) and then rinse our feet.

If you want a quicker way to do it or have a hard time taking off your regular socks, nowadays there are lots of wudhu socks are being sold in many hijab stores in Indonesia. The socks have a subtle opening on the top or underneath the ball of your foot. You can simply roll them up.. then voila! your feet are revealed.

These socks are quite cheap in Indonesia, only about $1 - $2 a pair in average. They come in cotton and nylon, and for unisex. I have a couple pair of wudhu socks. They come in handy especially when I am on the go.

Lately, particularly after I wrote an article about coloured tights for maxis, I am interested in sporting tights more often. Like I wrote in that article that I only have one pair of tights in black (it's a very basic staple, isn't it?), so I would love to add some of them in other colours, perhaps charcoal or brown (so typically me.. drowning in neutral hues).

But it comes across my mind, that I will be in a difficult situation when I am on the go, in public, and the prayer time arrives, and I need to do wudhu.. (eventhough it doesn't mean that it's not possible).

Like you already know, tights cover your feet and the whole legs, from toes up to your waist. So, imagine the steps: before I go to the wudhu room/space (a clean space, whether it's outdoor or indoor, with lots of faucets to do wudhu), I need to find a public toilet first, and then taking off my tights in there.. The worst is (let me tell you about myself) that a public toilet possibly is the last place in earth I want to enter. Or, if I could say, never want to go in there.. The alternative is taking wudhu at home before you go and keep your wudhu un-break while on the go.. but it could be difficult, too.

So, I really wish that there are tights with this feature.. it would be very helpful and useful.

Do you know a store that sell some kind of wudhu tights? Or can you make your own DIY (do-it-yourself) project of it?

Share in the comment section below.. Thank you!

UPDATE: one of my readers emailed me giving a suggestion to look for dancing tights. They have a hole underneath the ball of the feet, so you can pull out your toes through it and roll up the tights, whenever you need to. It's a smart solution for now...



  1. how GENIUS is that ! O.o


  2. I wonder why they don't make wudhu socks in various colors :(
    I would collect them for sure

  3. Easier just to make wudhu before putting on the tights/socks in the morning and wipe over them :) (and more sanitary in public bathrooms).


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