12 Items I Want to Rock This Spring..

Spring Picks

(Image: featuring Gap classic two-button blazer)

This Spring, there are 12 wardrobe pieces I want to rock..

They are:

White flowery top
Flowy maxi skirt
Coloured pants/blue jeans
Light-weight breathable blazer
Light-coloured or pinstriped shirt/blouse
Round-toe ballet flats
My comfy sneakers
Cute tote-bag/clutch
Fresh-look headscarf
Unique cuff-bracelet

What are the reasons these 12 items becoming my picks?

It's simply because: they are so Spring-y.. ^_^, comfortable to be worn, come in natural colours or prints, look effortless yet edgy, some of them are included to basic staples so it would be worth it to pick, and lastly, most of them (I mean: the similar pieces to my collection below) are already there in my wardrobe! :)

Here is my created-collection as the example of my picks:

(Click the blue words above to see the entire picks of mine.)

The Mossimo gray womens boyfriend blazer and Eddie Bauer natural boot-cut jeans are in a great clearance now; only $24.48 for the blazer and $14.99 for the jeans.

Surprisingly... my Spring Picks accidentally consists many of 'coral and teal'- coloured things.. hehe.. what is that mean? ;-)

How about you? What piece/pieces that could be your best item to wear this season?

Have a lovely season, and stay fabulous, Lovelies!

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