[Video] Thought About Hijab: A Documentary on Hijab Style in Indonesia

I stumbled upon this video by anak ACICIS, Elise Young, about Hijab Style in Indonesia. That she said it is a meet between faith and fashion. These young Muslim women in this video embrace fashion while implement their faith, and making it their own style: Hijab Style - "yet, as the film notes, the same garment often elicits a different response in Western countries like Australia" (aiya.org.au's blog).

As perhaps you've already known that Hijab, as a Muslim's faith, can walk along together with Muslim's everyday life.. with our need to self-express.. with our interest in fashion..
And, as long as I know, Islam doesn't separate religion (read: faith) with everyday life because they should be integrated to one another. It's been said in the Qur'an (7 : 26), raiment is bestowed upon us to cover our private part, as well as an adornment to us.. it's the same as "pure" meaning of fashion. So there's no need to separate hijab with fashion, as most of Western media always do.

Also, like the mainstream fashion or fashion in general, one thing to remember is: do not over-do fashion, unless you will end up look like a 'fashion-victim'.. ;)

Well, back to the documentary..

In this film, Elise shows us the colourful shops and stalls in Indonesia selling various jilbabs and hijabs for Muslim women.. and takes a closer look on what some young Indonesian Muslim women's thoughts about hijab and its style:

The Australian Embassy's Radio Kookaburra program also interviewed Elise about the film. You can read the interview here that has been translated to Bahasa Indonesia.

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