Life with the Hijab: A Ballerina & Tap Dancer Muslim Woman

Just want to share this amazing picture of Hiba Awad, a Muslim ballerina and tap dancer from Texas, USA, who wear hijab.

Some people might have ever thought about how could Muslim women who wear hijab be a ballerina or a tap dancer, or even other professions that is thought as impossible to do by Muslim women, especially who wear hijab?

Hiba Awad has proven to us about how versatile and unique a Muslim woman can be.. that hijab do not restrict Muslim women in expressing herself, whether on a dance floor as a ballet dancer, or in sport or other performing arts activities, or other areas.

This picture of Hiba Awad is one of the photo collection in an award-winning photography-book of Muslim women in America, titled iCover, by Sadaf Syed that first published in 2010.

Check out here and here to see some other pictures from that book of inspiring Muslim women in America shot by Sadaf Syed. 

“A lot of American Muslims don’t feel as if they have a voice,” Syed said. “I wanted stories to be told after the 9/11 tragedy that would educate readers and help them know about the beauty of the faith of Islam.” She wants her book “to show love, mercy and unity – that our differences are appreciated.”



  1. Tiananda WidyariniApril 26, 2013 at 10:56 PM


  2. Are there any video clips of her dancing in Hijab? I would love to share with my daughter who also loves ballet.

  3. Dear Rifqah, thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    I don't have the video clips right now. I'll try to find any video clips of her dancing in hijab. I'll let you know and share once I find one(s).

  4. Dear Rifqah,
    if you still would love to know some videos of a ballerina dancing in hijab, perhaps you will love these videos in my recent post:


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