Islamic Design House's Abaya-Coat/Jacket-Jilbab [Product Review - and a voucher code!]

I've known Islamic Design House Muslim clothing since months ago for its edgy style and its great abaya/jilbab design competition. Then while back ago, the team behind this amazing brand offering me to choose one of abayas/jilbabs from their latest collection. I was so thrilled and excited, and I have a hard time to pick just one from their wide range of gorgeous abayas.

One of their abayas/jilbabs that caught my eyes is the abaya-coat, or we can call it, a jacket-jilbab. Not only because the tailored abaya that appear as long overcoat is one of the new stylistic trends nowadays, but also I love the colour and the multifunction it has. So, I picked this fabulous abaya-coat from Islamic Design House.

Not long after I sent my size, it arrived.

I just can't wait to open the package. The abaya was wrapped in a neat package tied up with a purple paper bow.. I ripped open the package, and the first thing I saw is the colour. The colour is perfect, my favorite colour for a staple piece.. and I really want to make this abaya my wardrobe-staple :)

The tag has a lovely little saying..

Then I opened the folds, and pull up the abaya.. it's so perfect! I love the design and the fabric. The buttons go down the side of the abaya. I love the oversized collar/lapels that drops down and the double-breasted style giving the abaya a trench-coat structure. The stitching is neat. The fabrics aren't cheap, the abaya feels soft, comfortable, and drape beautifully. The fabric's materials are cotton twill and jersey from elbow down.

There's also a flap inside around the chest area to keep everything closed.

Although the abaya belongs to Islamic Design House's 'Winter Classic' collection, I'm pretty sure that this abaya is also can be worn in Spring or even Summer, surely with no layering-stuffs addition.

When I looked at this abaya, many different ways to wear it just popping out in my mind.. ;)

But firstly, I want to talk about its size. I ordered size: S-54, but they also asked for the alternative size, perhaps just in case the size I ordered is out of stock. Based on that, finally they sent the size S-56 for me.

As a whole, this abaya fits me well.. I love it! The skirt is a bit too long, but I can "trick" this out by wearing heels, or perhaps someday I will hemming it up to adjust my height :) The sleeves length also a bit too long, but it doesn't matter, because I just roll them up and I love it more with the sleeves rolled up :)

So, I think the size S-54 would have been the exact size for me.

When it comes the time to "test drive" this abaya.. First, I wear it the way it is, as.. an abaya.

Then I tried to wear it with my red converse and the matching pashmina.

And because it has a slightly trench-coat design, I tried to accessorize it with a cloth-belt, just like on the trench coat. If you like, you can accessorize it with various belt-style.

Then I wear it as a long coat.

Do you have another idea to style up this kind of abaya? ;)

It's really worth it to have an abaya from Islamic Design House, this abaya-coat in particular. The PLUS from this abaya:
- It has pockets on the side. The pockets are quite deep and wide.. Love them!

- It's high in quality.
- Soo wearable!

As for sizing, the size chart is pretty accurate. Islamic Design House also offers three different fits: slim, regular, and loose; and few different length options.

Browse the latest Islamic Design House collection here.

And.. last but not least, the exciting news is.. 

The Islamic Design House will be releasing a NEW Spring 2013 line and a new greatly improved website very soon!!
Screenshot from 2013-05-05 10:20:43

They have sent me a catalogue of a sneak peek to their upcoming collection. InshaAllah I will share a few snaps of some of the designs I found most appealing to me on my next post.

But wait - the best is yet to come!

Readers of can get a 10 % off their purchase on Islamic Design House's website by simply using this code: FASHFAITH at the check out.

Click here to start shopping now!

Outfit details:
Unbranded  inner black maxidress (similar here)
Inner scarf, floral scarf, and pashmina: local store
Red converse: local sport-shoes store
Belt: Centro
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

Disclaimer: I received this jilbab in exchange for my honest review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and I received no other compensation for my review.


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