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Spring/Summer 2013[Pic: Aabcollection.com, featuring Aab's Peace Lilly Abaya]

With the heat wave comes strike the air, there is no pieces more comfortable than a lightweight breathable maxi dress to beat the heat.. don't you think so? ;) It prevents the light hitting your skin directly and, in the same time, gives a breeze from its well-circulated air inside the dress.

A great abaya or maxi dress that meet these requirements below will surely be our best friend through the Summer. Here are some points why I pick abaya or dress as a daily outfit worn around in the hot weather:
  • The colors: I prefer light colors (but not bright as I do not like look too garish in the rich of sunlight.. but it's just me ^_^), such as white, beige, peach, bottle green, aqua blue, ice grey, etc., or any pastel colours. As for the darker shade, I pick navy blue or charcoal instead of black. Black looks garish too in the bright mid sunny day and it absorbs more heat from the sunlight.
  • The fabrics: As for the clothing fabrics, you all must be already know that the lightweight and breathable fabric is the most comfortable piece to be worn in a hot weather. Linen, soft cotton, chiffon are comfy to be worn in Summer. Also, clothing made from bamboo fibers - I've ever heard slightly about it and I have the bamboo fibers handkerchief -. Bamboo fibers are more breathable, soft, and not humid - do not keep the water/wet from our sweat in their fibers - compared to cottons (I'm curious about this, and want to find out more..), so logically clothing made from bamboo fibers are more comfortable than cotton.. 
  • The design: Not too tight, so there will be enough space for the refreshing air to well circulate inside the dress :)

Well.. that's it. Do you have other opinion or suggestion about what Summer clothing better be? Share with us in the comment.

Here are some of my picks on Summer abayas/dresses for this Summer 2013 season. Hover your mouse over the image to see where I found these pieces, and you could also shopping directly from the link.

Have a wonderful season, Lovelies! :)

Spring/Summer 2013
[Pic: Aabcollection.com]




  1. Going for seasonal colors like white, peach, black etc is a good option. Also at online stores that provides abayas, they keep updating their summer collection and we get some really amazing styles available there.


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