[Video] HuffPost Live: Hijab Couture

Featuring Yasmine Yasmine: a fashion stylist & writer, Mariam Sobh of HijabTrendz, Marwa Atik of Vela Scarves, and Keziah S. Ridgeway of Philly Hijabis Killing It.

Peplum and 'Phyton' luxury skin as detailing are major trends in the high fashion world right now. Creative fashion styling has made many fabulous pieces accessible to Muslim women.

An interesting talk on HuffPost Live about the blooming of Hijab Fashion. Watch it out below:

Yasmine, a fashion stylist and writer, in this talk, had a chance to mention some creative fashion styling that has made many fabulous/couture pieces accessible to Muslim women. Also, some major trends in the fashion world: pleated peplum (in this video, embedded on a gorgeous white blazer by Prajje 1983 - an amazing designer recently showed in New York Fashion Week), and beautiful detailing by the neckline: 'Phyton' luxury skin (snake skin). Many high fashion insiders use this luxury skin to accessorized their fashion pieces. Those are very on trend in high fashion/couture right now.

Yasmine and Dena (the interviewer) showed us the styling interestingly.

It's a really great watch! :)

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