Six Style Tips for Fall 2013

A Guest Post by Suzy Walsh

Most of us see a lot of the Fall trends, and in 2013 the looks and appearances on the runways have been much simpler and easy to manifest in the daily life. 

There are so many things to try, but how often do you consider the fact that you may be making a fashion mistake? 

When you shop for clothes online, take a look at what you must try for the Fall season:

  • Avoid embellished overcoats and outerwear: Unless you are looking forward to a party where you need a look book, you must avoid wearing anything that is extremely shining, embellished and extremely flashy. This Fall, designers and experts tell us that the looks are more about being subtle. For overcoats and all kinds of outer wear, look for the quality textures and materials!

  • Don’t avoid the classic prints: For 2013, the designers have played a lot with the unique styles and statements from the classic themes rather than coming up with something new. Think of all the classic designs like houndstooth pattern that are more like classics in the wardrobes and you can never go wrong with them. If you are thinking of making substantial statements in Fall season, this is the year when you buy a lot and stock for many Fall seasons to come.

  • Don’t overdo with colours: The minimalistic themes for the Fall 2013 have surprised many. For those who like colours, you can officially give the brighter shades some rest and come up with better designs and looks. Rather than having colours that need more of toning, look for green shades. From olive to emerald to khaki greens, there are many colour-gradation and shades in this lovely colour that you would love experimenting with.

  • Don’t avoid white: Full length Winter and Fall wear in white is something that has found many takers. We love to break the monotony of the dark colours of these seasons, and designers suggest that white can be a perfect alternative. Think of anything from the beautiful pant suits to the full white-coloured hijabs, there are choices for every woman out there. 

  • Don’t forget the peplum style: Peplum style is something that has been in trend for many seasons now, and as the fashion police seems to say, don’t forget this for the Fall. Rather than having a cut, the designs are more about the style options, so do explore what you need to have for the perfect peplum look. 

  • Don’t avoid leather: Leather's texture and feel is something that has a lot of appeal. Even when you are dealing with black leather, there is a lot to experiment. Do look for all kinds of small leather-looks rather than a complete look. Clutches, shoes or even in belts, leather in the outfit can make any woman look worth a million dollars.

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Author: Suzy Walsh is a style expert and blogger, who is the editor-in-chief for The House of Elegance Fashion. She is a guest writer for many prestigious blogs and website and is known for her unique approach to fashion.

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