Rock the heels!

At one afternoon some times ago, I took a walk at the side-road in the midst of crowded shopping area of my town, near several universities and colleges. Along the walk, I passed by several fashion stores, urban clothing stores (the distros), shoes stores, bag stores, watches', jewels', stationer, bakery, etc.

One window-display of a shoes store attracted my attention. It displayed so many distinctive high-heels that do not always present at other shoes stores. Not only that, the prices were also affordable, in particular for college students who reside mostly in this area.

The heels were so high (in my opinion ^_^) in a very thin, or in a unique, shape.

I think the ones that will wear those kind of shoes are models, entertainers.. or someone with high self-confidence with a good skill at walking with the super-high heels ;)

*Pictures taken by me

I can't imagine myself wearing heels in this height.. ;)

Do you dare to rock these heels?

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