Blooming Muslimahs: What to Wear when you're heavily pregnant

Maternity Clothing

As I enter the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I feel that I always wear the SAME clothes almost EVERY day.. ;) Do you ever feel that you have very limited options for clothes while you're at a late stage of pregnancy?

During these current days, I just (always) wear my 'bigger size' clothes I already have:
My 'very wearable' palazzo pants in neutral colour which has an elastic waistline,
similar below:
Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Palazzo Pants - Assorted Colors
                        Liz Lange for Target maternity palazzo pants

my bigger sized t-shirts, some loose blouses, my sleeveless A-line mini dresses with looser fitting in the waist area, paired with my light cardigans, long-sleeved shirt, or blazers over them, with the buttons left undone.

I can't wear my maxi dresses, because mostly they become midi dresses as my baby bump lifted up the hemline. I can't wear my usual skirts because my waistline has expanded, and if I try to put the skirt's waistline on top of my belly, it become a midi skirt. I don't like to wear legging/jegging as an innerwear layered under these maxi dresses/skirts because it feels uncomfortable at the belly and thighs as my thighs also expand, and it's not look good at all. I don't like the look of shapeless abayas on my pregnant body. Almost all my shirt and tees do not fit me anymore. And ALL my pre-pregnancy jeans and trousers must be retired for a while.. ;)

As for 'inside the house' outfit, when I only stay at home, I have five daster (= a loose short-sleeved knee-length dress made from a very comfortable fabric such as cotton or linen) which I wear over and over again alternately.. ^_^ Daster is highly recommended to be worn to beat the heat and high humidity in my country's tropical weather because of its comfortability and it's practicality to be worn while you're expecting a baby and, at the same time, you also have to do the household tasks and taking care of the baby's siblings.

However, I do not want to spend money on maternity clothing, unless.. it would be wearable long after I have delivered my baby, through nursing, and got back in my pre-pregnancy shape ;) Pregnancy doesn't necessarily make you have to buy a whole new wardrobe though!

But, if you think it's a necessity for you to buy some clothes (I definitely need to buy some new underwear in larger size ^_^), remember that your first priority should be COMFORT.

I digged into few online shops which sell maternity clothing to find out which ones have really good ranges of maternity clothes. Personally, I did not intend to buy any clothes as I thought I've already had few 'looser fitting' pre-pregnancy clothes.. but here are some modestly stylish pieces I would pick as maternity clothing if I need to buy some; Or, just to get me inspired by the styles:

Soft Ash Abaya from Inayah Collection. This stylish, lightweight, modest flare abaya is also suitable for nursing. And the Cascade Midi Dress.

Topshop also has some really stylish and comfort maternity clothing:

Zalora Indonesia has some great ones, too:

Mothercare has a really good range of maternity clothes:

And here are some stylish pieces from Mamas and Papas:

So.. what kind of clothing do you love to wear while embracing your cute baby belly? Do you have a favorite store to buy maternity clothing? Share with us in the comment's section below! ;)

(Images credit: Target, Topshop, Zalora ID, Mothercare, Mamas and Papas)




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  3. I had ordered few maternity wear clothes from EastEssence during my pregnancy periods. It wasn't much costly. People can afford this much i think.I personally love all their collection.

  4. Quite affordable and easy wear designs.. Looks comfortable too


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