Back (a little) in shape ;)

Mom of Three !! Yeay! ^o^

After a very looooong time I've been trying to manage myself to back into blogging, finally I can made myself to post.. ;)

Since about September or October until now, I've been off from the blogging world.. and I think I miss this "world" so much.. :) At that time, I was at the very late stage of pregnancy of my third child and I couldn't stand sitting for some times in front of my laptop to blog. Now, the baby is almost two months old.. I also miss to style up my wardrobe that I've been neglecting because of my size which had been changing bigger.. hahha.. :) and I didn't interested to buy new bigger size or maternity clothes.. (see this post I wrote about me some times ago: 'Blooming Muslimah: What to wear when you're heavily pregnant').

Now.. that I back (a little) in shape.. ;) I'm very excited to "shop" my own wardrobe and back to the fun of outfit styling! :) Eventhough pregnant women still can playing around with their wardrobe and be stylish, or even more; But, me myself got very lazy on the outfit styling when I was pregnant.. ;) I always went with the same "easy breezy" outfit and a very simple headscarf-wrapping, with no accessories.

Soo.. I hope I can manage to meet you all more frequently in this blogging world and sharing more our love in fashion! :)

Happy Year-End Holiday, Lovelies!



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