[Outfit Styling] Pinstriped Shirt paired with Coat, Vest, or a Short-sleeved Top

Today's Outfit Styling Idea

From the Stella Jean's Fall 2014 show in Milan there are some outfit styling inspiration we could take. One of them is to style up the long-sleeved pinstriped shirts under a short-sleeved top like coat, vest, or a short-sleeved mini dress. I think the add-up of a pinstriped shirt give a touch of formal look to an outfit.. As for her Fall 2014 collection, Stella Jean paired the pinstriped shirts with colorful vibrant "crowded" prints.. Perhaps this kind of look suit your office environment.. ;)

Could you see your self sporting this look? :)

(Photo: Kim Weston Arnold / Indigitalimages.com, via Style.com)



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