10 Easy Eye Liner Looks by Nick Barose

Sketch by Nick Barose

I've been always adoring women who can don make up very well so that they could look fresh and pretty, but I myself almost never done any make up (only for special occasions like a wedding party or my graduation.. and it's always I had someone did it for me ^_^ ), either because I don't think I'm good at it, or because I always feel that I don't have enough time to do it.. (especially right now, as a mother of three).

My everyday make up when I'm out from home, usually just a baby powder or compact powder applied on my face (is this counted as make up?).. that's it. Sometimes, I don an effortfully (for me) standard one: moisturizer that contains UV protection, compact powder, a bit touch of neutral or pastel colored lipstick, and rarely mascara.

Deep in my heart, I always interested in learning how to don make up very well, especially for the eyes, like eye liner and eye shadow. I love how the right foundation and eye make up make my face looking fresh.. However, I always believe that a healthy skin and body give much more contribution to you looking fresh and beauty, yet a very well-applied make up has its own way to do so ;)

I ever read a quote about make up that sounds something like this.. "You can wear make up and still be yourself.. but with the addition of self-confidence and feeling prettier.." hahha.. you can agree or not with this ;)

And recently, Nick Barose (the mastermind behind Lupita Nyong'o --an Oscar winner Kenyan actress--'s signature bright eyeliner) shared his 10 easy eye liner looks and how to create each of them on Harpers Bazaar.

I think this time I'd love to try some of them when I'm out.. especially the winged black eye liner. But, before that, let me think of which eye liner should I  buy as the first timer? ;)

Here, StyleList compiled Barose's tips in a more easy-to-read slide.




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