'Dibaj' Abayas Winter 2014 collection

Dibaj Fashion Abayas is one of the fashion abayas that showing a touch of elegance in every pieces of their collection. At Dibaj, they strive to make stylish abayas.. but never letting go of elegance. For this Winter 2014, there are nine new abayas from Dibaj. Watch the video above to see their new pieces..

Here are my favourite two:

Daleela abaya and Joud jilbab..

Winter 2014 abaya collection by Dibaj is sold at www.2hijab.com.

All their abayas are tailored to measure, so you can make the abaya you want according to your exact body measures. When you ordering please check size-chart, found in "Size Chart Tab" in detailed product description. You can also choose the colours you want for your abaya from the option available.




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