[Hijab wrapping tutorial] Hijab style by Zahratul Jannah

These hijab wrapping tutorials are presented by Zahratul Jannah. Thanks to Zahratul Jannah for the tutorials. I knew Zahratul from Instagram, and since then I like to see her tutorials. I thought the hijab styles she taught are effortlessly chic and easy to do. Also, she used the scarves that we usually wear everyday, such as the popular square chiffon scarf (or so-called 'jilbab paris'), or the rectangle scarf (pashmina).

These are two styles that I picked. Both are using a square scarf. They are easy to wrap, look effortlessly chic, and I think they give a bit volume on your head (which I love).. I really love the style and have been worn these (with a little bit twist to suit my own taste.. ^_^ ) for the past few weeks..

How-to wrap it:
1. Put the scarf on your head, both sides are equally long, no need to fold it, then pin it below your chin.
2. Take all parts of the scarf to the front.
3 & 4. Then bring it to the top, wrapping around your head.
5. Pin it.
6. Make one or two folds on top of your head.. it's up to your taste ;)
7. Then pick a bit the drapery (hanging part).
8. Pin it on the back of your neck.
9. Voila.. you're ready to go! ;)

How-to wrap it:
1. Fold one tip of the scarf into small triangle. Put it on your head.
2. Pin the right and left side of the scarf around your face onto your inner. Then bring all parts of the scarf to the front.
3. Take the part from the opposite-side of your head,
4. then bring it to the top, wrapping around your head.
5. Pint it on the back.
6. There are two parts left on the front.
7. One part is pinned on the back of your neck.
8. The other part is pinned on your shoulder. You can also use a pretty brooch to pin this one.. ;)
9. Voila! That's a wrap! ;)

Click here to see more Zahratul's hijab tutorials on Instagram.




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