Things I like this week: Long sleeved mini dresses from Asian iCandy Indie Clothing

I love Asian iCandy's collection.. As an Indie Clothing line, they have many fabulous and distinctive pieces that I love.. though, I didn't write much about them.

This is the third time I mention Asian iCandy store on the blog. I write about it the very first time (has been very long ago) in December 2010 (you can read it here) for their cute and unique Asian apparel and accessories. The second time, was not so long ago, I mentioned their cute 'Alice in Wonderland' Book purse which I stumbled upon the net in this post.

Asian iCandy is a new choice of unique clothes from independent designers of Asia. They said on the site that Asian iCandy strives to incorporate all different styles from Asia; from Chinese-inspired folk to Japanese kawaii and mori girl to Korean streetwear to Hmong ethnic bags.. It also carries many handmade, independently designed, one-of-a-kind items not commonly found outside of Asia.. Wow! Isn't it great for western fashionista who love and want to buy Asian art clothing? hehhe.. Not only that, what I like is that there're also many modest pieces to pick on the site.

Back to the last week, I've been searching for a cute, lady-like, modest yet edgy long-sleeved mini dress.. It could be a vintage-inspired or modern, as long as I love the design. I think this dress would be lovely paired with a well-cut straight-line trousers or maxi skirt, and a scarf, for a hijab-ready look.

Then.. Asian iCandy's cute Asian-inspired clothing crossed my mind, and I was so curious on what they have nowadays.. I was excitedly browsing the site again..

These items, found on Asia iCandy, represent what sort of long-sleeved dress I've been craving for. What do you think? ;) There are still so many more Asian iCandy's long-sleeved dresses that I love.

Click here to browse Asian iCandy store and discover their unique and fabulous items of yourself..




  1. I always love the cutting of Japanese apparel :D
    Looove the grey & navy blue dress!!!


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