Outfit: City Mall

As for pants, there are three items for me that would be a basic wardrobe staple: palazzo pants, well-fitting pants, and boyfriend-typed jeans.

This black pants is one of my favourite pieces, and have become my staple. I'm in love with it (it's awkward, isn't it, to call pants 'them' as it is a 'one piece' item) since the first time I had it. I wore it often these days (and also every once in a while long before.. ^^). One day I was wearing it with a black dress that has green-brown checkered pattern at the hemline, over my soft pink tee, paired with nude-colored pumps. Also a bling-bling jeweled headband (with small fake crystals) to complement my '(almost) all black' outfit.

And there's this.. a brand new mall in town. It was its soft opening. As I heading down to it, I expected seeing a mall with strong Javanese culture themed architecture, because it uses a name Jogja City Mall.. When I got there, what I saw was an enormous grandeur building with Renaissance architecture (big columns orderly arranged, pilasters, a giant crystal lamp, huge statue at the front of the building, etc. that commonly found in Europe). I wonder why they build a theme like this in Yogyakarta. It's not that I do not like this building or its theme.. No! I love the architecture, and I think I will love being there (right now the building is not fully finished and working yet). But, it's more into why don't we highlight our own wonderful Indonesian culture through architecture..?

I imagine this 'grand palace' was build with a Javanese (Yogyakarta) culture theme in mind, imitate the Sultanate Palace: Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.. with wooden/wood-like columns or pillars, with green, yellow, red, and gold coloured, with Keraton's wonderful ornaments, with Yogyakarta's signature jasmine-bud ornaments, traditional lamps and street name-board, Batik ornaments, with store names also in Javanese writings Hanacaraka, etc. The statue is replaced with the statue of Pangeran Diponegoro riding a horse, and the welcome gate imitate the enter gate to the Keraton (Royal Palace) of Yogyakarta.. And ohh, keep the pool and fountain! ;)

Love 'this picture' I had in mind. Now, it is suit the name JOGJA CITY..

Outfit details:
soft pink tee
black dress with checkered pattern
Denis black pants
black socks
black chiffon scarf
Sophie Paris handbag
Crocs nude-coloured pumps
crystals jeweled headband
*pictures of me by Lady Elmas




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