Family Rules

Family rules:
  1. Keep your promises
  2. Share
  3. Think of others before yourself
  4. Say please and thank you
  5. Listen to your parents
  6. Do your best
  7. Say I love you
  8. Use kind words
  9. Hug often
  10. Laugh at yourself
  11. Always tell the truth
  12. LOVE each other

Found this 'family rules' wooden board when I went to a vintage shop downtown few months ago.. The things in the store are quite interesting, yet I didn't take many snapshots on these things during my visit..

These 'family rules' attracted me since I've never have rules in the family.. ohh probably we have, but never written down. However, it looks nice to have them written down like this as a reminder for each member of the family..

What rules running in your family? Share with us here ;)

Outfit details:
floral tunic
brown pants
green checkered scarf
Tommy Hilfiger watch (old)
*pictures of me by Lady Elmas




  1. How quaint and precious! We have no static rules except 'love one another always'... the kids sometimes argue among themselves, that's why.


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