Outfit: Miniaturized Effect

I was trying to take photographs using an effect on my small digital camera named 'miniature effect'.. I quite like the results. It gives blurs to top and bottom of the image, giving you a miniaturized effect. I love the snapshots! The effect gave highlight to the image-focus and make the colours surround it pop..

It was a beautiful, sunny, kids' playing time afternoon. I was numerously posing with my face looking down.. but then the baby started to follow my gesture, perhaps she was curious "what is it down there, mommy?" ;)

And ohh.. today the baby is turning 6 (months old). Happy birthday, my dearest!

Outfit details:
Kasyalna Fashion pink floral top
cropped denim jacket
Mastelli gray pants
Crocs dark brown platform
Sophie Paris handbag
dark blue square chiffon scarf
Tommy Hilfiger watch
*pictures by Lady Elmas, edited by me



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