Modest Beach Outfits

Modest beach wear sometimes is tricky. We should consider whether we will be just playing on the sand by the seaside; or, will be also sea-hopping (swimming, snorkeling, riding boat, etc.).

If you just want to play on the sand, enjoying the sea-waves on the seaside, and put only your hands and feet into the sea-water, then these outfit ideas picked by Farrah Eman published in Aquila Style Malaysia magazine look so cute for enjoying the beach.

But if you plan to beach hopping including jumping into the sea water (for swimming, snorkeling, etc.), you need more water-resistant outfits. My tips, based on my own experience, is:
  • wearing a Muslim swimsuit, or wearing a spandex/lycra tee teamed up with swim pants/leggings, then top it off with a dress or skirt made from lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon or viscose (or any other fabrics that dry easily). Here is when I wear a swim pants with a light-weight chiffon maxi skirt. 
  • As for the headscarf, I wear a chiffon scarf (or the usual hijab Paris) without inner.. The key to make this hijab style won't be see-through is prefer for the headscarf which has the same color as your hair (in my case, I usually wear a black one), and wrap the scarf two or three times over your head. This chiffon scarf will dry easily after you play in the sea water and there would be a room for perforation and air circulation on your wet hair; If you still want to wear inner under your headscarf, you can wear a bandana or under-scarf made from lace, or spandex/lycra; Or, to keep your hair relatively dry, wear a common swimming cap, or simply wear a Muslim swim headcover --that also cover your neck--. Some of these Muslimah swimsuit's headcovers come with a look that look like a baseball cap.
Like this swimsuit from ModestSea, it provides a great coverage for beach outfit, not only it will be accommodating activity in the sea water but also for 'just enjoying the beach on the seaside' activity.

What's your modest beach outfit?




  1. Wow! Great inspiration live the long dresses for summer and while on the beach to loom modest and cool the Colts are awesome,!! Check out my blog
    Thanks Shalom

  2. Try they sell on-line and many of their modest workout clothes can also be swum in and are UV factor 50. Perfect for a day at the beach


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