Modest Street Fashion

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It's always interesting and fun for me seeing women style up their outfit in a chic and edgy way.. expressing their personality through fashion, especially the street style-rs, because their style felt closer to reality.. a style by real people, not a model on magazines or some editorials whose her outfits had been picked and styled up by the fashion stylist. So, books or photographs that showcasing these stylish real-life women always be a magnet for me to take a look at.

Modest Street Fashion.. is a new book by Langston Hues --a Muslim photographers and hip hop artist-- of photographs that commemorates the emerging culture of modest street style around the world. It visually documented the modest style from the streets of Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Sidney, Dubai, London, Amsterdam, etc., to the alleys of New York City. Some of the girls Hues photographed for his book project, I recognize, are top hijabistas or fashion bloggers whose their style I admire.

Hues had been visiting various city and country regarding his book, and he might be still hunting for more photographs.. So, Lovelies, if you’re walking down a large city street in modest style, there's a chance Langston Hues may stop you and capture a shot.. ;)




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