Style Crush: Hana Tajima

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Hana Tajima Simpson.. as most of you already knew, is one of the style icons in Muslim fashion world. Born from a Japanese father and English mother (both are artists), Hana Tajima was so popular with her iconic hijab wrappings. There are so many tutorials out there, whether at you tube or websites, that were inspired by her style and using a label/tag: Hana Tajima's hijab look-inspired..

About few years ago, I used to be a regular reader of her blog 'Style Covered'. At that time, Hana also launched her fashion line named 'Maysaa'. The blog and her label was quite success.. but the next thing I knew she stopped producing Maysaa clothing, and closed both Maysaa's site and her blog, Style Covered. I lost her since that..

Recently, I stumbled upon her new site, and I was excited to see what Hana came up with these days. Glad that she won't off from the net ^^

Here, some Hana Tajima's style (mostly from her previous blog) that I've been crushed on.. Her style is simple, sleek, with a touch of eccentric..

As for hijab/headscarf wrapping, Hana didn't don hundreds various hijab wrappings, like mostly hijabi fashionista did (each day wearing different wrapping or has so many tutorials on different wrapping). She seemed donning the same hijab-wrapping. As long as I knew, Hana simply donned her hijab in 3 ways, not include a bit twist in the wrappings (see her style in the collage pic above -- but I found one more at her new website..), and every single hijab wrapping she has had been become soo popular amongst hijabers, and everyone seemed want to wrap her hijab like Hana! What an icon! ^^ 

Hana Tajima's new way in wrapping her headscarf  [pics from]

What do you think of Hana's style?




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