Buti sweater with bows

It's very worth it to invest in some sensible sweaters.. A chic sweater that is comfort to wear and made from high quality fabric. Fun prints on it also a plus. It can be worn to cover up when you wear a sleeveless dress, or worn over your button up shirt for a preppy look, or worn on top a skater skirt for a vintage girly look.. This camel colored, little bows printed sweater I've just got is made from cotton-ed soft touch knitted fabric, so that it's so wearable even in sunny days like this whilst I taking the baby for a little afternoon-walk. I also love the little bows print on it and there're so many ways I can think of on how I would wear this sweater, mixed-and-matched with my other wardrobe items..

Outfit details:
Buti sweater with bows
peach headscarf
*pictures of me by Jaya




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