Designing a dream t-shirt with HiCustom [and get a $30 coupon for you!]

Recently I received an invitation from HiCustom to design my own t-shirt (or hoodie, or phone case, etc. that available). This was a rather dream invitation and I definitely couldn't pass it up. To start off is so easy.. I simply go to their website and custom my own t-shirt's prints there online. It is designing your own prints, to be precise.

So, now I'm taking the first steps; figuring out how HiCustom works:
- you start by choosing what product you want to design from several options; long-sleeved tee, short-sleeved tee, hoodie, polo shirt, sweatshirt, mug, baseball cap, phone cases, or even baby clothes
- then pick the product's colour and size
- then you choose the print's design/image -- you could choose the print from nearly a dozen images they've already provided (to make it easier, you can type at the search box what kind of print do you want or type according to a special occasion), or upload your own images
- decide where do you want the print/image to show up.. for example: for a t-shirt, whether you want to put on the image on the front of the tee, on the back, on the upper or lower part of the tee, or on the sleeve(s). Resize the image as your wish and to fit into the printing area. You can also flip the image horizontally or vertically. For some images, you can change their colours
- then add personalized text (if you want to)
- after you finish designing, you can save your work for later, or adding it to cart. Start over this process if you still want to design another item
- HiCustom offers free standard shipping on order over $35. They also ship worldwide

Right now I'm leaning towards the 'long-sleeved t-shirt', yet to be able to decide what print I would put on my tee and where I put it on is actually a bit overwhelming.. but it's also quite fun! Now I'm completely indecisive about the print: do I go with cute prints, funny, vintage, or quirky? I'll keep you posted when I've settled on a design and have it in my hands..

Psst.. it's not finish yet. All of you could join HiCustom free product trial by applying here or contact You will receive a $30 coupon if your application is accepted.. Yeay! So if the amount of your shopping cart's price + shipping fee is below, or the same as, $30, means.. you got it totally free.. Yeay (again)! ^^

Well.. do you know what your dream t-shirt (or hoodie, or phone case)'s prints would look like?




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