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I love blogging.. and I love wearing clothes I like.. These are quite hard when you have two little kids and a baby! You know, look after them all, nursing the baby, etc., all on your own (and your husband's, of course). I do have someone who help me do the laundry and keep the house clean in the morning, but anything related to the baby is my responsibility. When the baby doesn't sleep, she wants your FULL attention. There's no way you could blog while the baby is awake or playing by herself.. she would cry out loud asking for your attention.. for you to play with her.

So, maintaining blogging is sort of a nearly impossible task for me.. But blogging (also surfing the net) is kind of refreshing activity for me.. so however it's hard finding time to blog, I always try to manage it.. to blog routinely. Mostly I blog during midnight or before dawn (only if the baby sleep.. *and no one can guarantee that baby will sleep tightly over night.. ^^). The result is.. I'm exhausted.. but happy! ^^

As for clothes, I must ensure that the clothes I'm wearing won't restrict me from nursing my baby. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to prepare, wash, and sterilize bottles for baby's milk.. ^^ I prefer breastfeed my baby.. it's easy (except in public), and the baby gets fresh, sterile, 'never too hot or too cold' milk anytime she wants, even I don't have to wake up when I'm nursing her in the middle of the night.. hahhaa. The disadvantage is, during this time, I can't wear any clothes I want to wear.. and no high heels (I always carry the baby with me). Here's a funny story: One day, I got a dress from a sponsor. I was so excited. It was a lovely dress, and I can't wait to wear it. During the day, I need to go out doing my errands. I dressed up wearing it. Styled up my scarf. Put on my hijab accessories. Feeling so stylish ;) Ready to go! Then, when I held up the baby.. ups! I realized that I can't nursing the baby wearing this outfit! Oohh.. I must change my clothes! How can I dressing up without thinking that I'm a breastfeeding mom.. hahaa.. I need to put off, one by one: my outerwear, hijab accessories, and unwrap my headscarf first before I can pull out this 'slip on' dress (no buttons at front, no zipper) for a button-up shirtdress, then adjust my inner cap, re-wrap my headscarf, and put the accessories back on. Hmm.. I wonder when would I be able to wear this fabulous dress to go out..?? Another one and a half year? Should I put the breastmilk into bottle when I go out? Will the baby accept the bottle?

Are you a mom and, at the same time, a blogger, too? How did you manage yourself to blog? Do you have any tips on doing both in your life? Share with us here..

Have a magical day, Lovelies!

Outfit details:
navy blue chiffon scarf
little owl print blouse
navy blue palazzo pants
white socks
jelly shoes
Sophie Paris bag
cat-eye glasses
*pictures by Lady Elmas, edited by me




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