Dresses I'm in love with: Annah Hariri new dress-collection

When it comes on choosing a maxi dress, Annah Hariri is surely my destination to go.. As you have already known on my previous post, Annah Hariri is one of my favorite places to go for beautiful dresses or abayas, and skirts, -- especially because of their flouncy style which is sooo me.. ^^ -- and to get inspired by their outfit styling. Not only that, the dresses' design is so beautiful, classic and elegant, yet at the same time, look modern and edgy. Here are few new pieces on the site which I really love..

You can check out their complete collection here. What do you think of Annah Hariri's dresses?




  1. everything looks elegant. me love it but surely i couldnt really afford to buy it :(


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