Quotes of the day.. and a little thought of mine

Just done some 'blog-walking' and 'twitter-stalking'.. (in a positive term of course.. hahhaa :D) on some of my favorite bloggers, and got stumbled upon these supportive quotes (especially for me.. ^^) and I hope these quotes will support/encourage you as well..

Dress like it's your birthday everyday! 
[Lauren Y of The Fashion Ramblings, in a comment on A Dash of Fash blog]
I sometimes felt hesitate to dress up or wear my fancy clothes on the days where I didn't really have some things special or important occasion/event/meet-up or party, eventhough.. I really want to. Because sometimes people ask you whether you have a special occasion that day, as you were looking so chic. This quote encourages me to just do it, dress up when you want to! You don't need a particular reason to look good. Make every day special by wearing clothes that makes you feel good about yourself.. ;)

A flower does not think of competing with the next flower.. It just blooms :) [Dian Pelangi]
Confession: There were days when I was feeling pesimistic of myself. When I felt I wasn't good enough, compared with others. When I belittled myself. I described myself as little or less important or un-impressive, compared with others. Now, I "don't thing of others" just.. focus on blossoming myself, and.. think that other people also have a right to blossom, and.. we can bloom together! :)




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